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Monday, September 28, 2015

"The Art Of Silence And the Founders Of It's Faith"

The Art of Silence was originally a mistake made by Greek Philosophers' who traveled to Egypt. These individuals' wished to learn the inner meanings' of life that Egyptians' seemed to understand a bit more of. A symbol portraying a naked child, with his finger over his mouth is what started everything. Because of Aphrodite's indiscretions' she gave a rose to her son Eros who in turn was to give it to Hippocrates, in order to make sure that those indiscretions' remained silent. This was the beginning to the term sub rose, (or under the rose), and evidence can be seen all throughout history. Of course this story was handed down from the Egyptians', to the Greek and finally into the hands' of European Royalty and Nobles'. Hippocrates became Horus of course, and silence was symbolized by the rose. In old banquet rooms' roses can still be seen, just look up at the ceilings'. Where you see roses', that is where secrets' were to stay. What was said and done in the banquet room, stayed in the banquet room. Eventually, this practice was adopted by the church too, it's now called confessional. 
King Louis the seventh's entire family died when he was just a baby, from smallpox. Because King Louis's governess refused to allow "doctors'" to use bloodletting, he survived. Unlike his oldest brother who died earlier, because of the practice. This though isn't a part of the story, so I will move on. Being the only successor to his grandfather's thrown, at the age of five Louis the Seventh was crowned king of France. According to history, King Louis died because of syphilis, and left many illegitimate children. This was due to his cousin, (twice removed), who was made regent, until Louis was able to rule. Ruling in the king's place, (the Duke of Bourbon), out of fear that his family might lose the thrown to the House Of Orleans. Decided that the young king should have children as soon as possible. An heir had to be born, and before this young king was even old enough to mate it seemed. At the age of eleven the king met his betrothed wife to be, for some reason he just was not interest. Maybe if it wasn't for the fact that she was only three, so they found him a replacement. A young princess from Poland, who was old enough to conceive. It took three pregnancies', but finally an heir was born. At an early age the king was introduced to sex, his thirst was unquenchable. Many female visitors' appeared at the palace, for late night visits' and many children out of marriage were conceived. 
Because kings' needed heirs' to their thrown, royalty placed sex above everything else. Henry viii, what a bastard he was, the women he married and divorced at will. Leaving the church for his desire for flesh and at the end of his life being handicapped. His lack of children though, and no male who could inherit his kingdom. This again, brought the need for an heir. With one wife, he became so furious that he framed her for incest and adultery. Claiming her to be a whore, who had sex with family members'. Being gracious though he allowed for her beheading to be done with a sword, instead of with the customary blunt ax. 
It is now known about King James, and his homosexual tendencies' too. How he frequented playhouses', and always in the company of young male companions'. The idea that playhouses' in London, were not too reputable in those days'. That would be unthinkable to most intellectuals' today. "such foolishness!!!" It's true though, only reprobates and homosexuals' attended, and no royal subject would be caught there. This though isn't spoken, stories' concerning King James, Francis Bacon, Chris Marlowe and Shakespeare himself, have arisen from this topic. Some have claimed that Shakespeare did not exist. Mark Twain even traveled to London, to investigate himself. Walt Whitman made a comment on the subject, but took no stance on the topic of course. Probably out of fear, that his own sexual preference would be questioned also. Was Shakespeare a pen name, for someone else to write under? Could it be true? Buggery and Sodomy surround and slandered his family name. His son in-law, was supposedly arrested for it. His writing and the people he worked with, were entrenched in it. Oh but none of this could be true, could it?
Oh but who could leave out the man of mystery, Saint Germain himself. It is hard to tell if he was a forger, a thief, lover or just plain crazy man. His story went down as legend, mystery and folklore all at the same time. It is really hard for anyone to say, if this man really even existed. He played footsies' with royalty and nobles' during wild orgies', proclaiming that he was three hundred years' old. The son of an exiled noblemen from Romania, "Francis Rakoczi", the second one that is. He was a musician and a scientist, who wrote better than most and could make diamonds out of thin air. He was hiding from the House of Hapsburg because of his family name, and visited royalty with ease. Taught the art of music by his uncle "Gian Gastone" and raised by a homely duchess, "Violante Beatrice". He was either conceived by her and Rakoczi, or she took him as her own, it isn't quite clear. I've heard two stories', one of his mother being a homely noble women with a homosexual husband. Rakoczi of course had sex with her out of sympathy too. He was mentioned by Voltaire, Casanova and Charles of Hesse-Kassel was known to have befriended him. With claims' of alchemy being used, creating jewels, fabrics', dyes' and cosmetics' of course.
Whether Saint Germain existed or not, it doesn't really matter, the story that was told was profound. During those days' secrets' were kept and folklore brought them out. Rakoczi, his family and his family before him, suffered at the hands' of their enemies'. He fled for his life and end up in Constantinople in exile, for turning against the Holy Roman Empire. All of his life, his father's life and his grandfather's before him, their family was always held hostage. When wars' were ended hostages' were taken, in order to keep peace among the people. Orders' of chivalry, (like the Order Of The Golden Fleece), would choose families' among their own noblemen, in order to take them as hostages'. They were taken into custody but not put into prison, instead, they stayed in castles' that belonged to members' of the order. 
At the time when Rakoczi was still in Romania. There were many struggles' between Romanians', the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. In order to fight against the Spanish, Leopold the First had to make peace with the Ottoman Empire. By doing this, Romania had to pay tribute to the Ottoman Empire too. Politics' during those times' were confusing. Not only did the Ottomans' have power over Romania, the Holy Roman Empire did too. Rakoczi and all of his family, could have been Princes', but, they were forbidden to sit on the thrown by the Ottoman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire, would repeatedly take the Rakoczi family as hostages. Sorting out the process is still kind of confusing, but I intend to write more about it, because it is pretty interesting to learn about how all of this worked. 
Orders' which were regulated by knights', nobles' and royal families' such as these. Caused individuals' who weren't in those classes, to create secrete societies'. That is why the Rosicrucian, Free Masons', and other Hermetic Groups' were created. In Germany, if you were accused of committing a crime. You were summoned to a hearing held by a secret court. Instead of getting your summons in person, it was nailed to your door, a tree, or someplace where you went. The only sentence for any crime was death. If you found out who members' were in the court, then you were sentenced to death also. In order to be cleared of charges' you had to take oaths' in court, if you were a member of the court. If you weren't and you had a family member who was, then that family member had to take the oaths'. If nobody in your family was a member, then a percentage of the members' had to agree to take oaths' on your behalf. That is when most criminals' would decided to run, usually somewhere that wasn't ruled by the Holy Roman Empire.
So next time you hear about an old folklore, or a story that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Remember, there might be something to that story that is important. People from long ago didn't have the freedom to express themselves', like we do today. The story of Hansel and Gretel tells us a story that most aren't aware of. That is because most people have never read or have even heard about the original version. Hansel and Gretel were both abandoned in the forest by their mother and father. This story was inspired by an epidemic that occurred in Germany, a century before the story was written. Parents' were so poor that they would end up dumping their children in the woods', because they could no longer feed them.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"History Of The Mystery Schools' For Today's Modern Man"

Throughout history, man has always used ritual burial as a form of worship. Man has always felt that the human consciousness and the soul, survive after death. As far back as archaeologist have been able to go, evidence of this fact is clear. We not only dress and prepare our dead, we create rituals’ to send them on their way into the afterlife. Some religions believe that certain actions’ need to be taken in order to cause a needed effect in the afterlife as well. These facts’ can be found by studying the history of Ancient Egypt, as well as many other societies during those times’. Societies’ that are not bound geographically in the same regions’ of our planet too. 
History has presented so many amazing facts’ about our past, showing rituals’ that our ancestors’ preformed and structures’ build for their Gods’. Archaeologists’ have searched diligently, in search for the origin of these rituals’ and the reasoning behind them. One thing is certain though, as time goes by, these forms’ of worship always turn into some form of competition. Some would say that this in and of itself is a mystery, but, I know better than that. Christianity itself holds the answer to that mystery. When Christianity first developed, there was never a golden age for the religion. Not everyone agreed on the same ideologies’, concerning Jesus. Just as it is with other forms’ of religion, Christianity, was broken down into factions’. Most, believe that searching into the far past only shows’ individuals’ who were ignorant. These people are far from knowing the truth of what was really going on though. 
There were mystery schools’ in the past that taught their followers about the experience of death and rebirth in the here and now. Immortality of the human soul was the great question of the day. Because this was such a hot topic in those days’, questions’ concerning Jesus himself was and is still a popular discussion. Allot of conspiracy theorists’, theologians and historians’, have noticed similarities’ between Egypt’s paganism, the Christian Bible and the Torah. A passage that have been overlooked repeatedly in the book of Revelation in the christian Bible is a good example of this. It states that their dead bodies’ will lie in the streets’ of Sodom and Egypt, also indicating that this was were Jesus was crucified. Revelation 11:8 is the actual verse, if you wish to check it out for yourself. Many Pseudo Archaeologists’ and historians’ believe this verse to be proof, stating that mystery schools’ in Giza actually did exist. That these facts indeed were covered up by popular christian belief. Claiming that our religious beliefs today are ethical and not mythical. 
The question then is this, is to question blaspheme, and to blaspheme to go to hell? Is it virtuous to follow blindly and not to question? Is blind faith the highest form of virtue, when evidence shows that even Thomas was in doubt. Where one belief promises the rewards’ in the hereafter, the other promises the reality in the here and now. In Giza, their Egyptian Ideologies’ promised the spiritual experience before death. These teaching though, (before the new kingdom), were taught only to the elect few. Thus, the mystery schools’ origins’ are assumed to have started here. Some have even wondered how Jesus gained such knowledge, (not taking into consideration that he was claiming to be the messiah), and coming from Giza also brings’ questions’ of what his teachings actually were. Not only did Jesus have such mastery with words’ and came out from Giza, but so did Moses, Pythagoras, Plato, Solon, Herodotus and Pliny. To this day these men contribute to society and the way we think.
There are questions’ concerning time that is unaccounted for in Jesus’s life. It is said that in order to educate a largely ignorant and illiterate populous, it is best to simplify concepts’. To the degree where these people can grasp those concepts’ of course. By doing that, some believe that the Bible only teaches’ the outer teachings’ of Jesus. These actions’ in turn, resulted in decimation, degradation, despotism and superstition. These teachings’, (to some), are aimed at people who hear and hears not, sees but sees not. The inner teachings’ though are thought to be in greater amount. So much that every book written, could not contain the amount that Jesus taught. It consisted of a working system of knowledge, with experiences’ that could not even be achieved. As I researched this subject to the best of my ability though, this is what I learned. The teachings’ of Jesus were never written down by Jesus himself. Not one piece of literature was written in Hebrew, his native tongue. The first christian Bible was written in Greek and was horribly written as well. When it was translated into Latin, the writing was even worse. Not one stitch of evidence proves that Jesus ever wrote anything. The case is the same with Socrates, Pythagoras and even Plato for that matter. John’s books’ were the first attempt at connecting Christianity with Jesus. Years’ later it was determined that John, (who wrote the passages’ in the Bible), was not the disciple. 
Earlier I mentioned that Christianity was broken up into factions’. This is where that plays a roll in the story. Many different people believed in Jesus, having their own ideologies’ and all separate from what other factions’ ideologies’ were. As time went by, these factions’ fought over who worshiped Jesus properly. Either the smaller factions’ eventually joined bigger factions’, or they simply died off. While this was going on, Christianity wasn’t even a word. Rome converted to Christianity and the christian religion began. It was created by the roman emperor Constantine, who gathered all of the christian scholars’ together and wrote the first Christian Canon. A few of the original books’ were taken out as time passed, but this was definitely the first Canon. When finished, Rome made it law, that any books’ that were not added to the canon, were to be considered heretic and illegal. A word that would go down in infamy for centuries’ to come, because, the penalty for owning any of these books was death.
Out of fear that they would be put to death as a heretic, worshipers’ hid these books’ that weren’t included in the canon. Greek and Roman philosophers’ were forced to convert from pagan beliefs’ to Christianity, or be put to death also. Alexandria was almost burned to the ground, while scholars’ such as Hypatia, were dismembered, burned at the stake and put to death in the streets’. Ancient Egyptian temples’ were desecrated or destroyed, replacing pagan symbols with Christian symbols’ instead. The writer John, mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible himself, was also exiled to a remote Island. Constantine still used his passages’ in the Canon though. Oddly enough, the story takes a dramatic turn again. After Christianity became Rome’s chosen religion, Constantine began to slowly favor Gnostic beliefs’. Greek and Roman Philosophers’ who were once pagan, began to incorporate those philosophies’ into Christianity also. History shows, that different from what popular belief may say, Rome was not defeated. It was abandoned. Before Constantine’s death, he had finally decided that it was time to move his capital. He abandoned Rome resettling in his new capital Constantinople.
I do concede to the idea that Greek philosophers’ obtained their ideas’ from Egypt though. I also know that in order for any scholar to obtain a true education during that era, he had to travel to Egypt. Greek and Roman Philosophy became the standard, and Egypt was forgotten though it seems. Methods’ of teaching through mystery schools’ are seen in Greece, though, Egypt was now teaching the mysteries’ to its people openly during the new kingdom era. Mystery schools’ could have survived in Egypt or the history of them could have been taught still, that we will never truly know. I can see why most of these Pseudo Archaeologist believe this too. An injustice has been done to Ancient Egypt and her contributions to society have not truly been recognized by modern civilization. Nobody can deny the precision and skill that was put into building the Great Pyramid. The Egyptian use of methodology in these matters also. The fact that today our architects’ are still unable to do what this society did, with the same tools’ that were available to them. These traits occurred not only in Egypt though, but in other societies’ throughout the world also and in different regions’ too. 
Egyptian belief passed down to the Greek philosophers’, the idea that the visible and the invisible were all a part of nature. They understood the concept of Microcosm and Macrocosm as well. Egyptians’ were well versed in healing for people of that era. During the time of Ancient Egypt, different societies’ had working knowledge of Astronomy, distance, and were able to recognizing nearby planets. They understood Mathematics’, recognized the procession of the equinox and local star groupings’. A few individuals’ even knew that our world was in an ever turning order of cycles’. Yet we have been fooled into believing the idea that all people from the past thought that the world was flat? Such nonsense needs to be stricken from our minds’. None of what I have said even deals’ with what the Jews’ or civilizations in the Orient and America knew. That is because this subject covers’ so many areas’, and it would take more time than what I wish to spend with writing this blog. I’m not saying that I won’t wright about it, but, I will write about it in another blog to come. These teachings’ though for sure had to have been passed down to Plato, Pythagoras, Euclid, Plotinus and the list goes on. Especially considering that this was during times’ when free thought was not permitted, by the powers that be.
I can’t say that the mystery schools’ of Egypt were connected to the Greek and Roman schools’. Nor can I say they were connected to Hermetic Groups during the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance era. I can say that the information had to have been passed down from one source to another though. By any account, the effects’ of the mystery schools’ from Egypt, Greece and Rome, can still be heard. Stories’, conspiracies’, folklore and legends’ that have been passed down through time. Isis and Osiris became mysteries’, with connections’ to the old testament, Torah, Jesuit Priests’ and the Catholic Church. Pillars’ represented a families’ bloodline, and they were favored by God himself. A holy stone that traveled throughout the world, only to rest under a royal thrown. Sat on by kings’ and queens’, while they were being crowned and taking their rightful places’ as rulers’. A temple that inspired stories about its architect, murdered for the secrets that were given to him. The king that build that same temple, who gathered immense power from demons’ and wielded it at will against evil. Grading systems’ that were used by hermetic groups’ and still used today in order to grade our children. Ceremonies’ for the graduates’ who finish their education, using ritual and speeches’ of celebration.