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Friday, October 2, 2015

"Aliens' and UFOs', The Mystery Continues'"

After reviewing allot of video and reading quite a few blogs' and articles' too. I have decided to give my take on the subject that concerns unexplained sightings', and the people involved with them. At first I will not go into details' I will start out only with the basics'. Speaking about what I am seeing, later I can get into more detail about subjects' that interest me the most. So this blog will not deal with any details' about certain events'. I will mention a few though, but I won't be talking about everything that is involved with these topics'. If you wish to find out more about them, research yourself or wait until later blogs' that I post. Those will be more detailed and I will try my best to be as neutral about those topics' as I can, and if you wish to comment, feel free to. I encourage conversation in everything I post. With that said I will start.
From what I see so far, believers', are broken down into about three categories'. One category, believes' in doing investigations' according to scientific research. Deductive reasoning and analysis as well. Most of these individuals' are not regular people on the street either. They are scientists', politicians', retired military officers' and more. 
These people have set up their own organizations' that go out and investigate not only the sights', but are mostly interested in the cases involving landings' as well. With clipboards' in hand they investigate and place check marks' next to what needs to be checked. Some of the people who are involved in this camp are also ex-members' of Operation Blue Book. No this operation is not a fairyland make believe operation created by alien nuts'. It actually existed and it was sponsored by the government. The operation's true intention though, is under suspicion though. Many who worked for the operation claimed that it's true intention was only to stifle claims', instead of investigating them. This is why some of Operation Blue Book's members', went on to create organizations', after the program was ended. 
Many of these individuals' were also involved in the disclosure hearings' that took place in Washington too. A retired Minister Of Defense from Canada and military air force pilots', told their stories' in front of Congress. An investigator, who covered the briefs' for Watergate, and the death of Karen Silkwood in nineteen seventy-four, gave some interesting testimony also. Stating clearly in open hearings' that Silkwood was assassinated by the C.I.A., in order to cover up a smuggling ring of uranium. Uranium that was being shipped to Israel from the U.S. illegally. He also stated, that negotiations' were made between the U.S., Israel and Iran, with concerns' to these operations'. As I researched for myself, I found out that it was a fact, Karen Silkwood did die under mysterious circumstances'. This information of an assassination though,was not given until the disclosure hearings'. Previously, I did research in a separate issue concerning Israel and Operation Sampson. That really caught my curiosity right there too.
This brings' me to the second category of believers'. These individuals' seem to believe in the old folklore about UFOs' and Aliens'. Some are conspiracy theorists' as well, adding the Illuminati to the twist and the Rothschild family themselves'. For a good understanding of these people, we first have to go back into history itself to explain. Back in the Eighteen-eighties' a vary popular German science fiction book was written. It was called The Vrilia. This book spoke of underground dwellings', where aliens' from another planet lived. According to the story, these beings' not only lived there, they have been here for thousands' of years'. Their mental capabilities' were so advanced, that they had to go beneath the Earth. If they ever surfaced, they would cause immense chaos, because of those abilities'. Humans' could not handle the presence of these beings and we would all parish because we were brought into contact. 
Stories' concerning Giants' have also contributed to this tale also. This originally started among the christian population with regards' to Genesis. According to this story, Angels' fell from the sky and had sex with animals' as well as human females'. This in turn produced Genetically altered beings' that devoured humans and are mentioned throughout history. The Anunnaki are mentioned by the Sumerians too in their texts' describing creation. Debates' between the religious cults' and alien believers' though, divide the issue of if this is related. The Ancient Astronaut Theorists' though, believe they are related. Sighting of remains' that belonged to giant human like beings' have been made all throughout history. Indians' have stories' that go back hundreds', maybe thousands' of years'. Paintings' of aliens' are on stones' that depict not only spaceships' but aliens' in spacesuits' too. 
The Vrilian though is what is the most interesting part of this category of alien believer though. After the book was written, it was thought that it inspired Hitler himself. An order known as Vril, began to develop just before World War Two. These were devout believers' in what the book taught and records do shows that this cult did have strong ties' to the Nazis'. Heinrich Himmler himself was a satanist, but also believed in this cause. A demented form of spirituality, sacrifice and extra terrestrial beings'. Developing into what the Third Reich would eventually follow. We can say that a form of Dementia itself fell over an entire country couldn't we, or was there more? The fact that the Nazis' were interested in building deep underground military dwellings' itself makes you wonder. Stories' like this also seem to cast doubt on the idea that Operation Paperclip was real too though.
After World War Two and well into the cold war, a story appeared in the Alien/UFO circles' that interested me. I can say that some of the story made me interested, because it was provocative. That wasn't the entire reason though either, circumstances' behind the storyteller's death were also a factor. His name was Phil Schneider and he was a contractor who worked for the government. In his claims', he stated that not only did he work for them, he also helped build Area 51. The provocative part of his story consists of him working in tunnels and falling into an underground layer. This area was occupied by aliens' who took him prisoner. Later, an elite crack commando force, fighting against the aliens', freed him. In the process of freeing him though, he lost fingers' on of his left hand as a result. Because of his work with the government, he was also tested and it was found that he had contracted cancer. He was in the final stages', during his last days'.
During his final days' Phil traveled around the country, speaking at conferences' and telling his story. As he traveled, he would also tell people at these conferences', that the government made several attempts' on his life. He spoke about the reason for why he was coming out with the truth also. Apparently a friend who he had worked with, was assassinated by the government. The person who he was referring to was involved with the Star Wars program, under Ronald Reagan, during the eighties'. This man was able to put a noose around his neck, tie it to a tree limb, get back in the car and shift his vehicle into gear. He was found dead in a park, after tying a rope to his neck and sitting on his car as it moved out from under him. The report said that it was a suicide of course.
During my research into this, I started learning about companies' based out of England, Marconi in particular. This company profits' off of building weapons of mass destruction. Scientists' hired by this company, develop the satellite systems' that go into submarines'. So that they can see what is happening in Phoenix, Afghanistan, India or wherever else they want to see. Not only did I found out about Marconi, further into my research I learned about G.C.H.Q, and England's surveillance program in Cheltenham. This one scientist wasn't the only death, there have been many more deaths' as well. Either by suicide or because of mysterious circumstances'. In a statement to the press Margaret Thatcher claimed that these deaths' didn't warrant an investigation. They were all coincidental. If only there were just three or four deaths', I could be inclined to agree, but that isn't the case. All through the sixties', seventies' eighties' and even into part of the nineties'. Over twenty-three scientists' have died, because of mysterious deaths'. Some have gone missing without a trace, and of course an investigation was unwarranted. Disclosure is a scary word I bet.
At the end of Phil Schneider's life, he was forced to wear a catheter and had to use a wheelchair. His body was discovered dead in nineteen ninety-six in his apartment. He was suppose to have committed suicide by hanging himself. With a hand that was deformed too much to do such a thing. He also had shoulder problems' as well. Yet, he was able to lift himself up and wrap the catheter hose around something three times'? I find his death more suspicious than the stories' he told. If this is not an assassination, then I myself would suggest that their is a cult out there. A society that is so bend on telling conspiracy, that they would help member's kill themselves' in order to do it. 
On July twenty-third, two thousand fifteen, a mystery man was found dead in a parking lot. He was there for well over two weeks' and his body was decomposing. Oddly the mystery about this man thickened, when his fiancee went missing as well. As the story unraveled, it became more and more insane. When the fiancee was found the story she told was so intense, it could easily be made into a Hollywood movie. According to the fiancee and her assistant, who were both missing, this man was an alien from another planet. He was send to Earth to save us from ourselves' it seems, an alien superhero for mankind. 
The man's name was Jefferey Lash and he didn't have any family or children. He and his fiancee were together for seventeen years' and all the time he told her he was a government agent who did work with agencies' concerning security. She also knew of his story, that he was an alien super soldier send to Earth to save humanity as well. Lash was diagnosed with cancer also, and gave instructions' to his fiancee that when he died. His people would take care of him and to not to worry about it. Not only was she told this, but, her assistant was told this as well. Both females' actually believed the story so much, that on the moment of his death, they abandoned his body in a parking lot. Fleeing to Oregon out of fear that Jefferey Lashes associates would kill them for knowing too much. At this stage, the assistant', Dawn Vadbunker, apparently didn't let her family know that she was leaving state. So they reported her as missing to the police. 
After two weeks', the two women came to their senses' though and decided to return to Los Angelos. When they returned, they also went to the parking lot to see if Jefferey Lash's body was removed. Only to find it decomposing where they left it two weeks' before. Now that they saw they had made a grave mistake. They then contact a lawyer, Harland Braun, asking that he contact the local police and report the incident. In the initial investigation, the police not only find the decomposing body, they find a cache of weapons' and ammunition. Twelve hundred guns' and six tons' of ammunition was found and much more is thought to be scattered throughout Los Angelos. All belonging to Jefferey Lash. 
With no rational explanation for how he was able to buy these weapons', or obtain the money in order to do it. He also had seventeen thousand dollars' in cash on him and owned seventeen vehicles'. Some of these vehicles' were also militarized and capable of traveling on water and in harsh terrain. Though we can easily say that him being an alien is nothing but hogwash. What about the money? What about the guns' and ammunition? Reports' made from the police department say that nothing illegal was committed. These vehicles' and guns' with their ammunition was legitimate and no crimes' were committed in order to obtain them. The fact that a human body was able to sit in a parking lot, (in the middle of Los Angelos), is strange enough.
Now we come to the third category of alien believer. I like to call this the category that consists of the grey area. This area has allot of people who are really smart and diligent in their efforts' to find evidence of Extra Terrestrials', but are also mixing it up with folklore, conspiracy and things' of that nature. I watch videos' done by a cosmonaut who monitors' the International Space Station. He shows' good evidence, concerning lights' that steak across space and in our atmosphere. These occur regularly, some video evidence show that these lights' form around UFOs', while they are being filmed. The problem is this, even though the cosmonaut has the video, he constantly talks' about the Illuminati conspiracy to without information from the people. Then he goes into the spill about the dark government and their plot to control society. I don't care how smart you are. What you have for credentials', or what job you have had in the past. when the word Illuminati comes out of your mouth all credibility is gone. 
With the first category of believers' they state that out of all the investigations' they preform, only five percent is credible. To be credible, their has to be something that is not able to explained involved. Most of the the sightings' that are found is either explainable or they are thought of as a hoax. There  
are plenty of people out there too, who have this insatiable desire to come up with a good hoax too. They will go the extra mile to convince people of a conspiracy, alien sighting, or ghost haunting. Just so they can say that they fooled someone. I've found a few myself, one was concerning UFO sightings' in Mexico. The video was suppose to show an glowing object racing across the video feed. The only problem is, they had another smaller object that was glowing racing the other direction below that object. This is nothing more than a trick, using a pulley in order to create the effect. If order to find good credible evidence, it is always a good rule of thumb to attempt to debunk the evidence first. I encourage it on every post I put on my pages'