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Friday, October 9, 2015

“The Elephant In The Room That Paranormal Researchers’ Don’t Talk About”

I have been debating on what to write about, with concerns to paranormal research. I finally decided to go with the first story that I looked into when I started. That of course was the Amityville Horror story, and the people who publicized the whole thing, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed was born in nineteen twenty-six and he passed away in two thousand and six. His wife Lorraine was born in nineteen twenty-seven, and I believe she is still alive today, though I haven’t heard much about her lately. Ed was once a World War Two veteran, police officer, demonologist, author, painter and lecturer. His wife Lorraine was a clairvoyant and a medium who worked with her husband on paranormal cases.
I would like to say that this article is about how great these two people are, but that is not the case. Instead, I am going to explain how these two people have personally ruined the reputation of most spiritualists’ in the profession. How they have created one hoax after another, and was brought up on litigation charges’ because of schemes’. Most people that I have spoken to in the paranormal research field are vary conscientious, and work with a scientific approach. Their credibility is important to them and when they investigate, they attempt to debunk evidence in order to see if it can be explained. This is not the case though for the Warrens’, (and their nephew Frank Zaffis), of course.
I have recently noticed that the Warren crew, have pretty much infiltrated and taken over the entire Syfy network. I am upset with the name change of the channel too, but this take the cake though. On my page, I share allot of things’ that are posted by Huff Paranormal, but, that is only because their stuff has a good reach on the internet. This allows other material on my pages’ to reach to a broader audience, that is the only reason why I do this with groups such as these. I also get involved with political issues’ concerning the media and how they withhold news from the public. That is another reason why I post allot of things’ that I don’t agree on. Just because they don’t suite my preferences’, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t share what they post.
Claims’ of the Warrens’ being called on by the church, with concerns pertaining to paranormal cases, that were profound and disturbing. These people and their “extraordinary” careers’ are what we need to bring into question. Over dramatizing situations’, that are serious to people having problems’ within their home. It isn’t bad enough that these people feel that their being haunted, or that their house is haunted, but the Warrens’ wish to plaster their story onto the Hollywood big screen too. Ed Warren would say, “Oh why not, lets get the story out there. Bad Publicity is better than no publicity at all.” Well Ed, lets look at the record shall we? Let us see what actually took place with you and your wife’s career. What your nephew Frank Zaffis is really doing to the paranormal field, and the nonsense that you have really created.
When the Warrens’ were first married, what most people don’t know about them is this, Ed Warren was also a painter. In order for him to get into the door to do any paranormal investigation, when he started out, he would stand outside of a residence and draw sketches’ of the house. Drawing attention from the owners of the house. After a little bit of conversation with the families’, he would eventually ask to see the inside of the residence. Miraculously too, when the Warrens’ were first married, Lorraine wasn’t a medium. As time went on though, while both of them went out to investigate haunted houses, she became one. This in other circles’ would be referred to as a scam. Con artists’ at their best, or worse, it all depends on how you look at it. Ed Warren even made claims’ of living in a haunted house as a child. Out of every story that I have read concerning the Warrens’ though, I have found nothing concerning this house. You would think that after years’ of living in such a house, a person would wish to return to it in order to investigate.
People who claim to be religious, should also know what most religious people believe, when it comes to spirits’. When discussing demons’ and evil spirits’ with religious people who have performed exorcisms’, one thing is always mentioned. These catholic priests’ and preachers who are not catholic, always warn people about inviting unwanted spirits’ into their life. Every time a person speaks to a spirit, that person is at risk of possession, according to exorcists’. I’m a skeptic so my stance on that is neutral, but if I was claiming to be religious, (like the Warrens’ have claimed), I would practice what I preach. No they don’t though, instead, they open the Warren’s “Occult” Museum. On their Web Page though, they don’t claim to be involved with any cults’. In fact they claim to be religious, stating that evil spirits’ and demons’ only purpose is to oppose God.
I don’t even want to make a comment about clairvoyants’, because honestly, I don’t know if it is real or not. I see it like Ed saw it in the beginning I guess. If you can’t see it, feel it or hear it and be able to record it, then it isn’t worth using as evidence . That was Ed Warren’s statement earlier in his life, but as time went by that changed. He had to raise the stakes’ and make Hollywood films’, or do interviews’ on sets’ that were darkly lit in order to cause mystery and suspense. This of course was because that was what the people wanted, so, lets give it to them. I’ve been watching videos’ and researching more about mediums’ too, but at the moment, I don’t have much to go on with what I know. I do know that it is always a good rule of thumb though, not to believe in someone who is doing these things’ for personal gain. Do not trust anyone on the internet who claims’ to be a clairvoyant or medium, who only wishes to sell potions and charms’ to you. They are nothing but scammers also.
Ed Warren made a claim once that nobody could bring him and his crew into a house and fool them. That is because he was the one who did all the trickery. He also claimed that he not only did his investigations’ according to religious and spiritual beliefs’, but also by scientific methods’. I guess the fictional box that allows spirits’ to talk to people out in the open is scientific right? Of course the Warrens’ won’t ask for money and only want expenses, that is because their blockbuster movies’ are coming out. They don’t really need your money, because like Ed said, “we deserve the money we get”. Your story and their free service, provides them with publicity and prestige. These people have repeatedly committed hoaxes’, and sensationalized the pain and suffering of others’ to benefit off of it.
In their biggest case ever, Amityville, the story was refuted by eyewitnesses, investigations’ and forensic evidence. The Father in the story openly announced that the story was a fraud, then later when he was hard up for money, changed his story again. Claiming that the haunting was not a hoax and that it was real. A lawyer by the name of William Weber stated that he and the family invented the story. The Father, Mother and he sat over a bottle of wine and collaborated on what their story was going to be. The priest that was suppose to go out to the house and corroborate the haunting, in reality, didn’t have any paranormal experiences’ whatsoever. It was dramatized, in order for the story to sell, a book to be written and a movie made. That is what the Warrens’ are about.
These people are such con artists’ they even had the arrogance to release the movie, “The Conjuring”. Giving the impression that they investigated this haunting, when in fact they only visited the house once and never returned. I heard this out of Andrea Perron’s mouth personally in an interview, done by Paranormal Zone T.V. and hosted by Norene Balovich. Even though I am talking about the Warrens’, I do wish to say this. If you want to find out interesting things’ concerning the Paranormal. Check this woman out. She does interviews’ with people who are involved with hauntings’ and she finds out allot of truths’ that you won’t find in articles’ or in the movies’. I enjoy watching her shows on Youtube whenever I can. The fact that these people had to live through these events’ without help, and then the Warrens’ would swoop in and take credit for something they didn’t do, is amazing to me. See though, that won’t be in the movie or in interviews’.
When the movie “The Haunting In Connecticut” was released, there were a few facts’ that were left out, and the story was completely out of context. So much, that the Snedeker family filed law suits’ against the book writer and the Warrens’ themselves’. I watched the documentary on the supposed haunting, and I can see differences’ in the movie and the documentary too. I have seen old footage from the talk show, “Sally”, with the family and the once neighbors’ together on stage. Not one of the neighbors’ have ever seen or heard of any strange things’ that occurred in that house. Nor have the neighbors’ who now live in the house had any strange occurrences’ since then. This is the same with Amityville as well. In the interview on the “Sally” show, the neighbors’ not only pointed out that the son was a cancer patient. They go even farther, stating that he was also able to smoke marijuana and was selling it to the neighbor kids’ for money. The writer of the original book, (written by “Ray Garton”), stated that accounts’ of what actually occurred was foggy, because everyone had different stories’. Some suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction as well.
Those are the more popular stories’ though, if you really want to hear the outlandish stories’ that didn’t bring the Warrens’ good publicity, check out these. The Smurl Haunting consists of a family in Pennsylvania, who the Warrens’ claimed had three spirits’ and a demon. The demon sexually assaulted both the husband and the wife as well. The Warrens’ also claimed to have exorcised a werewolf in nineteen eighty-three. They of course wrote a book about the experience, but, there was no evidence in regards to photos’ or videos’ proving that a possession actually occurred. The subject of the investigation, (Bill Ramsey), had only bitten a few people. Claiming that he himself was indeed a werewolf. In nineteen eighty-one, the Warrens’ also convinced, (Arne Johnson), a convicted murderer that he was insane because of demonic possession. He plead not guilty by reason of demonic possession as well and was unsuccessful. Some believe that they were also attempting to do this with the boy who killed his family in the Amityville house before the Lutz family moved in too.
The insanity with these two people, don’t only stay within their own little insane world. It has spread out to their nephew John Zaffis, their connections’ with Tony Spera from the T.V. show, “Paranormal State” and Lou Gentile as well. At the time, I wasn’t too into the paranormal, but when John Zaffis first appeared on Syfy I questioned something. Just before John came out with his Syfy show “Haunted Collector”, Grant Wilson left “Ghost Hunters’”. I wonder if it could have had something to do with the fact that John Zaffis and the Warren occult was taking over the network. Of course I could be wrong, though, I did notice small changes that even occurred in Ghost Hunters’. Those changes seemed to be aimed at creating more excitement in show. All of a sudden though, here comes John Zaffis with his make believe machine that talks to ghost. I wonder if that was why Grant left the show or not? I also read something on Wikipedia that said he had a stalker too, but I also learned not to take what I read on Wikipedia too seriously either. That is probably a question that I will never have answered though, but I have thought about it, since it happened. Like I said in the title, “An Elephant In The Room”…
Let me point out some things’ before I end this blog, all the nice things’ are said, now its time for the real issues’. The little boxes’ with noises constantly coming out, and spirits’ talking to you, they aren’t real. Most paranormal researchers’, who are serious about what they do, record the surroundings’. This is because when they go into most haunted areas’ and listen, they can’t hear a spirit make noises’. Later when they review the recordings’ they hear sounds’ that they didn’t hear with their own hearing. The same sometimes goes with video footage also. I like what I hear, when I hear people say that the lights’ don’t have to be turned off in order to see ghosts’. I am a skeptic, like I said before, but that makes sense to me. Most of what I see concerning paranormal research, isn’t exciting, scary or mysterious. Its tedious, time consuming and requires allot of observational skills’, in order to find things’ that are out of the ordinary. Just like I mentioned before in a blog that concerned UFO sightings’, debunking is an important part of the process also.
I find that most good paranormal research, hasn’t really even been looked at. I would like to see more investigations done in Asia, because more serious hauntings’ have occurred there. There are stories’ of mental hospitals’ in Korea, old temples’ in India and even a military base in Japan. Places’ that are registered as some of the most haunted places’ in the world and some that don’t allow visitors’ after dark. There are churches’ in Europe that were build out of the bones’ of human bodies’ too. Those stories’ though, are never told. Concerning what I said about mediums earlier, I am a skeptic, don’t get me wrong about that, it is true. My sister though, believes that her place is haunted. I personally wouldn’t know anything about the subject, if I didn’t do the research concerning paranormal occurrences’. Now, I can hear strange noises’ in her apartment sometimes’. I think to myself, maybe there is something going on here, but, it doesn’t seem to be a malevolent spirit though. So the possibility is there in my head.
I decided to do this blog, on this subject in particularly, because of some posts’ that I have been made on my page. I find them disturbing, not because of the material, but because of the situation. The situation concerning the Constatino family is really horrible to say the least. The father ended up kidnapping his wife who left him. Doing this after years’ of abuse committed against her by the him. When the cops’ arrived on the scene, they used concussion grenades’, but the husband was able to kill her and himself. Before the cops could enter the apartment. The daughter, who is the only survivor, says’ its all her mothers’ fault and said her father was a good man and her mother is burning in hell. I guess she either didn’t get the memo that beating your wife was a bad thing, or she condones it. See though, that isn’t even half of it, after they die, and not even allowing their bodies’ to get cold in the grave. These mediums like Mable Jordan, start posting on the internet how she contacted the Wife, (Debby Constantino), from beyond the grave. Steve Huff did this as well. These people disgust me, and for the record, I don’t follow Huff Paranormal. I never have and I never will, they are nothing more than scammers themselves’, just like the Warrens’. These people are scavengers’, willing to do what ever it takes in order to get publicity.
It amazes me that Steve Huff was suppose to be friends’ with this couple too, and not once was the subject of abuse ever mentioned. Was friendship to this man so alienated and superficial, that he couldn’t see that something was wrong? Oh but days’ after their death, he is setting in the apartment taking paranormal readings’ though. Attempting to talk to his dear departed friends’ of course. I personally believe that people should be respected after their death for a little while at least. That is disgusting and shows no proof of morals’ on the part of Huff Paranormal. I give my condolences’ to the family if they read this and I am sorry for the daughter’s pain. Anger is a stage in the grieving process, and hopefully she can find peace with her parents’ somehow. A family has been destroyed and that is enough to say on its own, so let them be and let their family move on.