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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Strange, The Bizarre, The Unusual, I Like It... "Now That's Strange" (Part One)

"Now That's Strange" (Part One)
Saint Germaine, Collection Of Bizarre Facts':
Assuming Saint Germain studied at the University Of Sienna, he performed in theaters’ throughout Europe. Saint Germaine was once arrested for espionage, but released shortly after. Refusing while in custody to admit who he was or where he came from, admitting though that he had only been in England for two years’. Adding, he never goes by his real name and has never had dealings’ with a woman.
Singing to his interrogators’ and playing his violin, divulging that he composes. Towards the end they consider him mad. Saint Germaine was called an Italian, Spaniard and a Pole, a person that married great fortune in Mexico and ran off with the jewels’ to Constantinople. Referred to as a priest, fiddler, noblemen, but never a gentleman. Entertainingly odd in manner yet sensible, well-bred, 
ingenious, gallant, and conceited. A philosopher and everything for everybody, a pretender of all sciences'.
Speaking Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and English, Saint Germaine was a man of quality. Designed for the church and too good of a man to not be famous, if not a gentleman, pale with dark black hair and dressed magnificently. Employed by King Louis the Seventh for diplomatic affairs’, imitated by mimes’ and called the great impostor by Casanova himself. Saint Germaine was an 
adventurer, raconteur, full of marvel and amazement, a ladies man.
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